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In December 1992, is based in Ćuprija private family company Ivana OD, Main activity – trade and transport (special) then set objective – that this company lives, advance and be successful in the business world.

Company founder Mr. Petrovic Srboljub a new beginning started in the most difficult economic moments in the country, but perseverance, a lot of experience in previous work and a good set goals resulted in the company Ivana O.D. is one of the leaders in the region.

In the previous period the main orientation in business is as follows:

  • Good organization of work,
  • Successful business cooperation with suppliers and customers,
  • Permanent financial liquidity of companies with timely settlement of all obligations to suppliers, the state, workers and others,
  • The tendency to timely collection of receivables to payables and payments were timely,
  • Providing good wages to workers who have worked on stimulating work and dedication to achieve greater traffic,
  • Spurring activity ratio stock with optimal inventory and lower competitive prices to obtain higher traffic.